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How to Ship

Identify the Size of your package

There are two way to ship your package

  • SEA
  • AIR

This depend how fast you need your Package

We ship base on CFT (Cubic Feet) in case of Sea Shipment and if it is a Air shipment base on the Weight LBS (Pounds) of the Package 

You can check the CFT 

Length x Width x Height (INCH) / 1728 = CFT

Usually the website show the measurements on Inch

In Air is base on LBS (Pounds)


Complete the Shipping Address

Once your decide to buy in your online Shop is very important how complete the Shipping Address

Your Name + Last Name + D9CUR

Street : 12950 NW 25TH STREET



ZIP : 33182  


Indicated it is a Business office and the working hour is Monday to Friday 9:00am to 17:00pm


Phohibited Product

Curacao have some regulation concerning a some products and we follow strictly before shipment

a Small list of prohibited product

  • Fire Guns even for PaintBall or Airsoft
  • Medicines
  • Liquor
  • Wild Fauna and Flora
  • Drugs or Accessories
  • Food (In some case need Health Certificate)  
Venezuela shipment apply same rules

There are exception for certain products like

  • Food
  • Liquor
If your are not sure, please contact us.


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